Blue Ridge Outfitters Horse Pack Trips

Join us in remote Mill Creek for a true backcountry experience!

Located within the Castle Wildland Provincial Park, Mill Creek Valley is the center of Blue Ridge Outfitters’ licensed area of 200 square miles. The range extends from the border of Waterton Park north into Mill Creek Valley, Gladstone Valley, the Castle Mountain Range and into the Beaver Mines recreational reserve.

Bring your bedroll and personal gear and we’ll load it on the pack horses and head up the Mill Creek Valley for a two-day to four-day adventure of a lifetime! We are happy to offer a packing list to help you plan.

Our seasonal camp is halfway up the valley, our base for exploring the great outdoors. Steaks and baked potatoes cooked over an open fire, Dutch oven dinners, and bacon and eggs on the cook stove are some of the great meals enjoyed under the blue skies. We pack lunches each morning to put in the saddle bags to fuel your adventure. Water is filtered from a creek flowing by camp.

Your days are spent exploring valleys, finding waterfalls, identifying wildflowers and wildlife habitat, and mostly, enjoying this unique part of the Rockies with a trusted horse companion!

We look forward to helping you plan your adventure!


Blue Ridge Outfitters 2024

We are excited to be guiding the rides for the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies this summer. Please go to their website for more information.