Blue Ridge Outfitters Horse Pack Trips

Want the horse packing, camping and mountain-top experience of a lifetime? Come with us to the remote Mill Creek Valley!

Blue Ridge Outfitters, owned and guided by Dee Barrus and Jon Wynder, was formed in 1989 by Dee and BIll Wynder in order to offer longer horse pack trips than are possible within the National Park.

Mill Creek, south of Pincher Creek, is the center of Blue Ridge Outfitters’ licensed area of 200 square miles. The range extends from the border of Waterton Park north into Mill Creek Valley, Gladstone Valley, the Castle Mountain Range and into the Beaver Mines recreational reserve.

We’ll fill the paniers, load them on the pack horses, mount our horses and head up the Valley for a two-day to six-day adventure of a lifetime!

We set up camp half way up the valley, tether the horses, spread out our gear and the sleeping bags in the teepee or the cook tent, and start enjoying the great outdoors.

Steaks and baked potatoes cooked over an open fire, dutch oven dinners, and bacon and eggs on the cook stove are some of the great meals enjoyed under the blue skies.

Blue Ridge Outftters has the outfitting rights over a 200 square mile area stretching from the border of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park north to close to Pincher Creek and the Castle River Range and west through the Gladstone Valley and into the Beaver Mines recreational area.

The outfitters, Dee and Bill, have been guiding, horse riding, ranching, trapping and fishing in these mountains for over 50 years.

These avid outdoorsmen are members of the Alberta Outfitters Association.

Dee will take you to the very tops of mountains with spectacular views of distance peaks at the same level you are. It’s amazing!

You’ll be so high up that you will ride through snow banks in August, snow banks that won’t disappear until buried in more snow in winter! You might even see a herd of elk run over a nearby ridge.

They will take you to trappers’ cabins with the secret locks, old marten and fisher running pole traps, a secluded salt lick, and a log bear trap that’s over 80 years old complete with the clawed trees.

At the salt lick you often spot bear, deer, wolf and cougar tracks. See where early pioneers in 1910 cut and hauled huge logs out of the bush with horses.

You can ride to the remote Hanging or Hidden valley almost at the top of a mountain. You’ll have to grab your horse’s tail to scramble up slopes that are too steep to ride up. It’s exciting! Then you continue right to the top of the highest ridge for amazing views.

Lunch is enjoyed along the trail, perhaps beside a crystal clear mountain top lake or maybe in a flower filled meadow. We pack the lunch in our saddle bags and stop whenever and wherever the mood strikes! You might end up sharing your lunch with a curious rock pica or marmot while watching an eagle soar overhead.

After a little siesta we’re off for more sights and adventures!

Why not come and join us for the vacation adventure of a lifetime? We know you’ll have fun!



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