Commonly Asked Questions for Horesback Riding

Minimum Age:

Children must be 5 years of age to participate on our trail rides. Young and inexperienced children will be lead by the trail guide if necessary. We also have a pony or gentle horse available for children to be led around the stable area.

Double Riding:

Under no circumstance is double riding with a child permitted. Each rider must be on their own horse, no exceptions.

Weight Limit Advisement:

Our weight limit is dependant on the ride and horse availability. For riders over 250 pounds please pre-book with the stable to ensure we can accommodate you.


We have a large variety of horses for riders of all experience levels, from beginners to experienced. Each rider is matched to a horse of their comfort level and abilities.

Ride Difficulty:

There are an abundance of trails to discover in Waterton, ranging from gentle level trails to challenging mountains and ridges. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here in Waterton Lakes National Park. Please view the ride descriptions page to help you choose the adventure you are looking for!

Inclement Weather:

The weather in the Rocky Mountains can be very unpredictable. For all day rides a jacket and rain gear is absolutely necessary (Limited supply of rain gear available). We do not depart in heavy rain, and try to delay rides as the weather changes quickly in Waterton.

Wildlife Sightings:

It is common to see a variety of wildlife on the trail rides in Waterton. Animals are cautiously viewed from a safe distance and are not a threat. Common wildlife sightings include deer, elk, moose, fox, coyote, black bear, as well as a large variety of fowl.

Private Rides:

Upon request and availability a guide may be provided at the additional cost of $45/hr. Must be pre-booked.

Payment Options:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Interact, both US and Canadian Cash. All prices include GST. Tipping the guide is acceptable and very much appreciated.


The wearing of a riding helmet is not mandatory, however it is recommended for children. A limited number of helmets are available from the stable, although we encourage riders to bring a personal helmet such as a bicycling or hockey helmet.


Waterton Lakes is a rugged mountain park, and as such there are inherent risks. Alpine Stables does our best to minimize these risks to both horse and rider by prohibiting any running on trail rides. Riders who disregard this directive increase risks for themselves and other riders, and will be removed from the ride.

Reserving your ride:

We recommend booking in advance to ensure we can accommodate you at your desired time for 1-2 hour rides. Please pre-book rides longer than 2 hours as they vary in availability and destination.

Reservations can be made via email year round or by telephone after mid May. Deposits are only required to pre-book an overnight trip.


What to bring on your ride:

Cameras/phones! All of our rides offer spectacular photo opportunities you don’t want to miss. All riders are strongly encouraged to wear good sturdy footwear and pants for your safety and comfort. We offer a limited supply of helmets and recommend bringing your own, although they are not mandatory.

We offer saddlebags to store your equipment and lunches, and recommend any other valuables (i.e. phones, keys, wallets, sunglasses etc.) be kept in a zipper or tight pocket. Alpine Stables will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of personal items on trail rides.

Half day to full day rides:

For half day to full day rides riders should bring their own bag lunch/snacks and water, we supply the saddlebags and discourage large backpacks. Dress for the weather and always bring a jacket, the weather can change very quickly. We offer a limited supply of rain gear and encourage you to bring your own, especially for day rides.

Liability Waiver:

Horseback riding is a historic and enjoyable pastime, and a great way to see Waterton Park; however, it is not without risk. Alpine Stables does our best to provide safe and well-trained horses, certified guides trained in first-aid, and maintained trails, nevertheless horses and nature are not entirely predictable. As such, all riders must sign a liability waiver before riding to indemnify Alpine Stables and employees from legal actions.

Click HERE  to download the waiver