Hourly Horseback Riding Descriptions

Our one-hour trail rides leave daily on the hour, excluding 12 p.m. (noon). Reservations are strongly recommended. We may not be able to accommodate walk-ins. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

Deposits are not required; we still operate on the old-fashioned honour system! For 5 hour to full day rides we do require that you stop in at the Stables or call us the day prior to your reservation. This will ensure we have all the details of your ride confirmed.

  • Minimum age is 6 years.
  • Maximum weight (1-3hrs) is 250lbs / 115kgs.
  • Maximum weight for day rides (5 hrs+) is 225lbs / 102kgs.

Sturdy, closed-toed shoes are required. Running shoes are fine, sandals are not permitted. Long pants are recommended to protect your legs. Helmets are provided at no extra charge.

*Please inform staff of any medical concerns that may affect your ability to ride. Riding horses is not recommended for those who: have had a recent surgery, are pregnant, have mobility issues in lower back, knees or hips.

1 hour:
We have 2 stunning loops to choose from! Depending on the weather and time of year, your guide may lead you into hills around Lonesome Lake and up to the classic view of the Waterton Valley or, meander through the aspen forests and flower-filled meadows of the Blakiston Fan to the sparkling shores of the Middle Waterton Lake.

1.5 hour:
Enjoy a spectacular combination of our 1 hour loops. Our guides offer unique variations depending on the time of year so you can see Waterton at its finest.

2 hours:
This is the ride for people who are looking for a little more adventure! You can expect water crossings, pristine animal habitat and gorgeous viewpoints. Not suitable for very young children.

3 hours:
In early summer, this ride sets out for the Bison Paddock, through open fields of wildflowers with the hopes of spotting the Bison. Later in the summer, we cross the river and head toward Stony Flats.

5 hours – Lion’s Head:
If you want the most spectacular view for the shortest time in the saddle, the Lion’s Head is the ride for you. We’ll encounter switchbacks as we climb partway up Vimy Mountain. The horses will have a rest and we’ll take a short but challenging hike to an overlook of Middle Waterton Lake.

Full Day Rides

Twin Lakes:
Beginning at Red Rock Canyon, we ride up the valley to the Snowshoe Cabin and continue to sparkling Twin Lakes for lunch. Small but feisty rainbow trout are abundant at Twin and many people enjoy fishing. This is a good ride for groups of various abilities. For a little more adventure, we can also visit Lost Lake or Sage Pass along the way.

Vimy Mountain:
For those seeking a challenge, look to Vimy Peak. At just under 7,000 feet, this ride offers some of the most spectacular views of Waterton Park. As we approach the upper treeline the horses are left behind for the final ascent. The last 500 foot elevation gain is a challenging scramble, but the view and from the peak is unforgettable.

Horseshoe Basin:
This loop trail crosses the prairie to a scenic outlook on Bellevue Hill then cuts back into the backcountry of Horseshoe Basin. After cresting the ridge and descending into Oil Basin, we follow the National Park boundary back on to the grassland. This ride is best in early summer when wildflowers are abundant.

Rowe Lakes / Lineham Ridge / Tamarack Trail:
The variations on this trail allow for a shorter day ride to enjoy backcountry lakes (Rowe), steep mountain climbs (Lineham Ridge) or a rugged one-way journey along the Tamarack Trail.