Best Experience

I have gone on numerous trail rides but Alpine Stables was the BEST. They ensured I was very comfortable in the saddle, which they did change for me because the stirrups were too long. The horse was well fitted to my abilities. The ride was spectacular, we even heard the elk calling and saw a couple in the distance. I would recommend this stable to everyone.

Darlene Nilsen
January 20, 2021

An amazing experience

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary my wife and I decided on a trail ride with Alpine Stables. We are not experienced riders by any stretch of the imagination but we have been riding a few times before. My last experience at a different place wasn’t the greatest as the horses gait was extremely unpleasant but Alpine Stables paired me with a beautiful Tennessee Walker named Mango. I was pleasantly surprised at Mangos smooth ride and commented as much to our amazing guide Azley.
Azley was great and answered questions, pointed out points of interest, plants etc.
We didn’t want the ride to end ( 1 1/2 hour) but my wife and I both agree that we will be coming back for at least a half day or a full day excursion and hopefully bring some friends/family along to share in the beautiful scenery. I will make sure to ask for Mango if possible and Azley to be our guide once again though I am sure everyone at Alpine Stables is phenomenal.
Love the fact that it’s been a family operation for 5 generations, keep up the amazing work Alpine and we will definitely be back.

Daniel Dick
August 1, 2022

Great half day trip to Lions Head, Vimy Mountain

We visited Alpine stables located in Waterton National Park in late June of this year. We arranged for a 1/2 day trip with Jenn. There were six of us in the group. What a day this turned out to be. Given it was early in the season, not all trails were open. Jenn asked if we were OK with a bit of an adventure, of course we were. So, she loaded up the horses into the trailer and off to Vimmy and Lion’s Head we went. Before leaving, the staff at Alpine made sure all our equipment was in order and that our horses and saddles were appropriate for the riders. I had the joy of riding Tonka, probably the best trail horse that I have ever ridden. Great temperment for a relative novice rider.

Jenn was a great guide and taught us a lot about the history of Waterton, the Blackfoot people and all the many flowers and animals that we came across. Our travel companions were great. We made it almost to Lion’s Head, but had to stop due to the trail being covered in fallen trees. We tied up the horses and proceeded on foot up to Lion’s Head for lunch. What incredible views of Waterton from there.

The trip back to the trailer was done at a very easy pace. The half day turned out to be a fair bit longer, but was enjoyed by all.

This was not our first trip with the gang from Alpine Stables, not will it be the last. They are great people and make sure you have a great riding experience. No matter if you book for a short one hour, or an extended half or full day trip, you will not be disappointed.

The stables are a great choice for all ages (I don’t want to say just how old we are, but suffice to say, we are retired). So, if you are in the area, do not hessitate to book with them. You will have a great time.

Many thanks to the gang at Alpine.

Phillip H.
May 9, 2023

Don’t miss horseback riding with Alpine Stables

I love horseback riding in different places and always have to talk my husband into going on a ride when we travel. After our ride with Alpine Stables in Waterton Lakes National Park, my husband said that it was by far, the best ride he has ever done! The horses were well groomed, well mannered, and the panoramic views along the ride were spectacular! Riding through streams, wooded areas, and open fields was beautiful and very enjoyable.
The manager of Alpine Stables was very pleasant and since we did not have transportation available, took time out of her busy day to pick us up and drop us off at the Prince of Wales Hotel, where we were staying.
The guide for our ride was a very pleasant young lady who provided a lot of information about the area throughout the ride.
We strongly recommend this beautiful ride with Alpine Stables whether you are a beginner or experienced rider. You won’t regret it!

Jenee L.
February 15, 2024

Wonderful Experience!

I have gone on many trail rides over the years. Some were pleasant, some less so, but none compared to the 2hr ride I went on with Alpine Stables. The horses were well cared for, had personality and spirit. Most trail rides are like being on a zombie horse! Not this one. It was wonderful to see how they were cared for and handled. Very professional and they matched the rider’s experience to each horse well. Even the newbie riders were comfortable and gained confidence. The countryside we rode through was incredibly beautiful and varied and we actually went along the edge of Waterton Lake! Many, many opportunities for gorgeous photos. Thank you for restoring my love of riding. : )

Janet McGuire
August 3, 2021


Had the most amazing experience today, a 3hr trail ride with Bryn(?) forgive my memory, he was excellent and the knowledge he provided was simply the best! I have never felt so at ease, comfortable and safe, I would truly recommend anyone to Alpine Stables, made my whole year! Thank you!!

Matthew Walkey
January 20, 2021

Fantastic Experience!

We went up to Bertha Falls with our guide Natalie on June 14, 2017. The staff and the horses were wonderful and Natalie was a very knowledgeable, kind and helpful guide. The views were amazing and it was a fabulous afternoon. We would highly recommend going on a trail ride with Alpine.

Audrey Holliday
June 19, 2017

Highly recommend Alpine Stables

The horses we had on our hour and a half ride could not have been nicer. Jenika was helpful and provided an educational and diverse ride to see views, ride through the river, and look for wildlife. We did see a whitetail deer and evidence of bears, but no bears. I highly recommend Alpine Stables for a wonderful ride in Waterton Lakes National Park. Deb and Jenika also provided some great recommendations for hikes, paddling and places to eat in the area.
Shawna B.
February 15, 2024

Very Relaxing

My boyfriend and I did a 1 hr tour, it was very relaxing and beautiful. Cole and Shelby were both very patient with us given that we were first time riders. Cole did a great job at explaining how to control the horses. The views were spectacular. Highly recommend!

June 27, 2019

Awesome 1 1/2 hr ride

This was the best ride and the guides advised that the 3 hour is even better. We will be back!

Lorna Richmond
August 3, 2021

Everything I had hoped for, and so much more!

As I wrote on Alpine Stable’s Facebook page, I have had the immense pleasure of being part of a group of 5 women (now members of the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies – trailridevacations dot com) which Josh & his grandfather Dee (plus, on our first day, a couple whose names escape me, sorry) led along trails and up some stunning heights five days in a row. Two of us were experienced riders, the other 3, including myself, not at all, yet we all rode with confidence and delight, but were also put at ease to acknowledge any need for accommodation, should it arise. The quality of the horses, combined with Josh and Dee’s in-depth knowledge of the history, geography, fauna and flora of the area, their patience and their gallantry, and the entire family’s contagious passion for these rides made for a truly unforgettable experience.

Gabrielle David
January 5, 2018

Phenomenal Experience

I highly recommend Alpine Stables! My family and I had an excellent experience despite being newbies who had never rode before. The stables were really easy to find, and the staff were friendly and patient. We were promptly matched with well-trained horses – even the most anxious of our group felt comfortable and confident after shown the basics. Our guide (Josh) was awesome! He lead us along breathtaking views of the mountains and along the shores of beautiful turquoise lakes. We even came across a small herd of elk. He was informative (but not to a fault), and answered all the questions of my curious mind. I would highly recommend Alpine Stables! You will not regret it.

Troy A
August 19, 2020

Dont miss the experience!

So glad we did this! The guides are excellent, the horses friendly and extremely well behaved. What a wonderful day. We did the 3 hour trip.

Chris D
May 9, 2023

Best Experience

My 11yr old daughter and I went for a one hour ride with 2 outstanding guides: Kaylee and Zoe. They were knowledgeable and made our experience absolutely memorable. I would recommend this stable to anyone who would like to enjoy the Rockies on a horse. I liked the service and the welcome smiles when we came in. I will definitely go back! Thank you Alpine Stables

August 19, 2020

Experience of a Lifetime


To the Good Folks at Alpine Stables, I had the extremely good fortune in being Emcee/Camp Wrangler for 2 weeks of trail rides with Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies, this past August. The opportunity to meet like minded Riders from all over the world, and discover new places and sights together, will be a time and experience I will never forget.

But, most certainly the aspects of the time I spent at Waterton that had the greatest impact on me, were the people, horses, and manner in which Alpine Stables operated.

Being a novice rider, despite my hat, my confidence was built starting with my initial meeting with Josh and Dee. The manner in which they worked with everyone on the rides, ensuring that the Riders got the most from the experience, was indeed a pleasure to watch, and comforting to receive.

We went on trails that challenged me, at many levels, and helped me find things within myself that I believed were lost. I cannot stress enough the confidence that was built in me, allowing me to go places and see things on horseback that I would never have considered an option a week before.

The manner in which your family operates the stables is a shining example of how things should be done in your industry. I am glad I had the chance to meet and be guided by Josh. His manner and demeanour in working with riders is a positive testament to his raising. As well, I look back to my time visiting with Dee on the trail. I believe I am better having made his acquaintance.

Thanks again for the experience, and I look forward to seein’ ya down the trail.

Larry Krause
April 9, 2018


After booking at the wrong stable (booked alpine stables in BC!!!!) we showed up for a ride and of course they didnt have our reservation. But they accommodated us just like that and had us out for a wonderful ride with Abbie as our guide (who was amazing!!). great people and great service and the ride was really, really beautiful and peaceful. Thank you Alpine Stables!

Shawn Maley
February 6, 2022
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